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You want the best for your clients. With the rapid increase in consumer choice, effective benefit communications and innovative enrollment solutions are critical in today’s HR environment. No other benefit communications and enrollment solutions provider offers the broad array of capabilities and depth of experience that Century does. And no one can adapt like we do to any unique situation or challenge.


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One-On-One Employee Counseling

Many of our clients prefer to give their “benefit buyers” a personal touch and need someone well qualified to walk them through each option translating the intricacies of the benefit offerings. We can accomplish this in person or on the telephone.

Web-Based and Laptop Enrollment

Many clients have moved to web-based enrollment, and our benefit and communication specialists have Intranet and Internet expertise. We can use your equipment, help you find an equipment resource, or bring our own.

Professional Presentations

Employee meetings led by a benefit professional are an efficient way to educate benefit buyers. Our specialists can present the complexities of benefit offerings in simple terms and respond to audience questions. We can use your material or prepare the presentation for you.

PowerPoint/Overhead Presentations

Visual aids are frequently used to supplement employee benefit meetings. Many employees absorb more information when they see and hear it. We can prepare PowerPoint or overhead presentations to complement the information presented by meeting leaders.

Print and Multimedia Presentations

Century is a source for creative communication campaigns that generate interest even as they educate. Our team can help you generate an open enrollment participation through a pre-enrollment marketing campaign or create materials that bring clarity to the most complicated benefit decisions.

Because of remote or multiple locations, many clients prefer to send videos or DVDs to help employees understand their benefit offerings. This can be done on an individual or group basis. We can work with you to select a presenter, manage production, make copies, and distribute. We can also create streaming video presentations for employers.

Benefit Fair Staffing

Insurance carriers and benefit consultants frequently recommend that employers host benefit fairs. This gives employees the chance to talk with the various carrier/vendor representatives. We can help you or your providers staff the fair with qualified benefit and communication specialists.

Call Center Staffing

During peak open enrollment periods, finding experienced benefit and communication specialists to man the phones and answer employee questions is often difficult. Century can provide these qualified people to assist you.

Enrollment Audits

Clients want to know how successful their enrollment was. You may also want to know which choices your employees made. We can help you establish the criteria for success and then determine if it was met.

Document Preparation

Even in today’s world, people want more than electronic or one-on-one communication. They want something in print. We can help you with the preparation of all types of benefit documents - benefit books, meeting handouts, Flexible Spending Account worksheets, highlight brochures, benefits statements, and more.

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